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What are the Various CVT Transmission Problems?

Though it is a fact that the fuel economy would be enhanced when you cvt transmission technology and the acceleration would also be improved to a great extent, people are still not sure about its reliability as there are many problems associated with cvt transmission. Also, CVT is expensive when compared with the traditional technology and hence, users would need full reliability to adopt it. Below discussed are some of the CVT Transmission Problems which you must be aware of, before you switch to it:

Extra Noise is produced

The cvt would try to adjust the speed of the engine whenever you just start the car or every time you try to accelerate so as to increase or decrease the speed. This adjustment would cause an absurd noise and people who don’t want their car to make much noise would absolutely hate it.

CVT Transmission ProblemsSound of Clutch Slipping

Most of the people these days have the cars with automatic transmission in them. So, when they would use the cvt transmission, they might find it troublesome. Further, when they would try to rev the engine, they might hear a sound that resembles the slipping of the clutch. However, if you had already been using manual clutch, it would not be a big deal to adjust with the cvt transmission.

Jerky Movement

People switch to cvt transmission because they think that it would provide them smooth transition, but not all the people are able to realize this dream. In fact, sometimes, the transition might be jerky. When you just start the car and give the initial acceleration to it, rattling noise might be heard and jerks can be felt when driving at slow speed. Also, when the car stops, abrupt movement might be there.

Malfunctioning of Transmission

Another reason why one cannot reply on the cvt transmission completely is that when the computer that controls the system fails or the electrical sensor have some issues with them, the transmission system would malfunction.

Gear Shifts not felt

Though this might not be a problem for some people, gear shifts are hardly felt with a car that has the normal cvt transmission system. This is a very different case for the automatic transmission and people who are not used to it might feel difficulty in driving for the initial days. However, this problem can be solved by incorporating the paddle shifts in the cvt, so that the gear shifts can be simulated.

As you have seen, while some people regard the cvt transmission systems as a problem-solver, others have seen it as problem-introducer. So, it depends on your personal experience that how you would rate the cvt. Also, if you have understood the above problems well and you are sure that these are not going to affect your driving, you can go for it. Manufacturers are continuously searching solutions to these problems though.