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There are a lot of people who are into manual transmission driving over standard transmission but these people are not aware of the fact that there are even alternatives available over normal transmission. One of the most common complaints that people have with automatic transmission is about a lurch whenever the gears are altered. The reason behind this is the loss of power when the engine is in between the gears and later a surge when the gears are reengaged. This problem has now been overcome with the introduction of the CVT Transmissions.

What actually are CVT Transmissions?

CVT is constant variable transmission. This directly means that the main engine will continuously go through various gears so that it is able to come up as a real match with amount of revolutions experienced by the engine every minute. This is a system that allows for gentle alterations between gears making it easier for you to enjoy riding your vehicle. With the help of CVT transmissions the engine is able to run on several gears all at a time and there are no chances for you to deal with sudden power surge because of power shortage caused due to gear changes.

CVT Transmission ProblemsCVT Transmissions Advantages

The most important benefit served by CVT transmissions is that they provide for a very smooth ride and at the same time they all render great fuel economy. Fuel economy is at its best because with CVT transmissions you do not gun the engine between gears resulting in power loss while you try to accelerate. Instead, you get smooth transitions making better use of the gas that burns. This further gives you the freedom of getting more speed at low RPMs. This stands as one of the greatest features of CVT transmissions that every car strives for. Apart from a smooth ride and fuel economy, CVT transmissions also possess very minuscule problems as far as their maintenance is concerned. They possess the ability of running for a very long span of time and that too without any sort of problems. The reason behind this is the fact that no machinery is constantly jerked while gear shifts. Smooth transitions during gear changes make for better rides leading to lesser breakdowns and drives that are more enjoyable. Of course, you pay more for CVT transmissions but then you save a lot of money in voiding repairs over time.

CVT Transmissions Problems

While the strong points of CVT Transmissions are enhanced fuel cutback and improved acceleration, there are also some CVT transmission problems that have been voiced by people. The users of CVT transmissions are found complaining about the reliability of CVT. The first problem that people face with CVT is its price. CVT transmissions are a bit more expensive in comparison to the automatic and the manual transmissions. Apart from this, people who are used to driving vehicles with automatic and manual transmissions, find it difficult adjusting with vehicles that have CVT systems. Other CVT Transmission Problems include:

•    Vehicle possessing CVT transmission produce some kind of noise when they are started initially and also when the driver tries accelerating. The noise in the car is produced due to CVT trying profusely to adjust the speed of the engine.

•    There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that CVT transmission allows engine reverse at a preferable speed but there have always been complaints about engine noises that are often compared to sound of slipping clutch heard with manual transmission. This noise is slightly bothering to people who are used to driving vehicles with automatic transmission.

•    CVT system is known to offer smooth transition during the exertion of maximum power but people complain about some kind of jerky movement when the vehicle is initially accelerated or there is even a rattling noise when the vehicle is at a very slow speed. Complaints about abrupt movement have also been coming from people.

•    CVT transmissions can easily start malfunctioning with failures in electrical sensors or with any kind of problem with the computer that helps in controlling the transmission.